Sit and go strategy

Moves for the player who isn't afraid for it to go wrong :-)

Punish The Limpers

When you are short stacked or having a hard time of it you can use this move to add significantly to your chip stack.

You don't want to use this move unless you really have need of it as it involves a lot of risk. You would use this move in a situation where all the other players have you well covered.

UTG limps 100

Seat Two limps 100

Seat three folds

Seat Four limps 100

Seat Five completes 50


There is now a sizeable amount in the pot and it's definitely worth winning. You can be pretty sure that everyone has limped with junk or a low pair.

You raise all in for 900 chips.

The cards you hold in this spot are any two cards. 23 Offsuit even.

The idea behind this move is that all of the players who limped have a sub standard hand and won't be prepared to call off their chips.

Interestingly this move works better the higher up the limits you go. At the lower limits there are more donkeys prepared to call with 55 and hope to get lucky.

For this move to work you have to have enough chips to make the play seem plausible. If you only have 500 chips then you are not going to be able to scare everyone off and you'll be bounced out.

The Squeeze Play.

Seat one raises 300

Seat three Calls


What has seat one been raising with – do you have any idea?

This is why paying attention at the table in every single SNG you play will yield up it's dividend in ITM finishes.

If seat one has been raising with less than stellar hands then you can make a squeeze play here by re raising or moving all in.

This only works if seat one is prepared to raise with something like A7. If seat three has more chips than seat one then seat one has to fold or face the prospect of being re raised all in.

Why it works.

The original raiser is supposed to have a hand to be able to raise with in the first place. If people are calling the raise then they don't believe he has anything at all.

When you re raise both players need to evaluate that you may have a big hand. If seat one folds then it stands that the caller (who didn't re raise in the first place) must also fold. So the premise on which this works is by trying to make seat one fold in the first instance.

Note that you can never “make” someone fold. They can only fold of their own voluntary action. Just because you re raised or raised all in does not mean they have to fold.

Again this technique works better against better players.