Sit and go strategy

Play Against Weaker Players To Build A Bankroll

About four years ago pacific poker was the fishiest site on the net and was where all the beginners went to learn to play. After that became known as the place where all the fish swam because of the huge amount of advertising that they did to attract new players.

Now because of the UK poker tour sponsored by Blue Square all of the new players are signing up on the ipoker network.

Part of the winning system is based on the fact that you need to play against players who are not as good as you.

Think about it. Why play against players who have been playing for years on established poker sites?

In addition to having many beginner players Titan Poker also have a fantastic amount of micro cash and tournament games which are heavily populated with fish. Also the software is really pleasing on the eye and easy to use.

Even though he knew the suckout was coming
he still shouts at the screen...



Yoiu can't win them all on Titan Poker.
Are you telling me you can't beat this game!
Wow! Let ME have some of the action!

To follow this system you need to deposit about $300 (giving yourself 50 buy ins at $5+$1) or have that amount available in your favourite poker account.

In this system we are going to play the $10 six player sit and go ($5 for the less experienced) which pays out the top two places in a weighted split.

This means that for the $10 six player you have a total prize pool of $60 with $42 going to the winner and $18 to the runner up in this format.

If you don’t have a lot of shorthanded experience then start at the $5 table where the payout split is $18 and $7.

Because of the luck factor in poker you can’t possibly hope to win every single game, however you can aim to win 50% of your games as a good start in this system so over your first ten games and starting with $100 you should have a spreadsheet that looks like this:

(Always keep a record of your progress in a spreadsheet or diary).

Deposit $100

Entry $10 +$1 - No Place
New Balance $89

Entry $10 +$1 - No Place
New Balance $78

Entry $10 +$1 - 2nd Place wins $18
New Balance $67 + $18 = $85

Entry $10 +$1 - 2nd Place wins $18
$74+ $18 = $92

At a 50% placing in the money rate and NOT winning we are slowly draining our bankroll which of course means we have to occasionally take down one of these suckers.

In reality if you can continually make the money then winning becomes a more often than second place occurrence because of the way we play the heads up. But we’ll come to that later.

You can see that if you continually fail to make the money then obviously you won’t even get to play 20 or so games before you drain your bankroll.

This is why I suggest you play the shorthanded Limit game first. Once you can consistently beat that game then you are ready for this.

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