Sit and go strategy

The Ten Basic Rules Of Six Handed SNG play.

Here are the basic rules of six handed play. You should follow these until you start to win regularly and then you can begin to open up your game a little as you gain confidence.

Rule One.

Never call a raise unless you have AK, AQ or a high pair.

This is going to be the hardest habit to drop. But you need to unlearn your calling habit quickly. Once you have mastered folding to a raise then you stop busting out to AA or higher sets. Yes - people do get good hands in this game.

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Rule Two.

Never raise with less than a hand you are prepared to commit all of your chips to.

Playing a Six Handed SNG is the same as playing the final table of a large tourney with just the last six players left.

The exception is when it comes to playing on the bubble.

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Rule Three

Never Ever limp into a pot. Never.

Read why limping into pots hoping to get lucky will crucify your chip count and devastate your winning percentage.

Read why it's a bad idea to be a limping limper.

Rule Four

Never Ever call to a drawing hand.

Whether it's to a flush, an open ended straight draw or a gutshot. You never call to try and make this hand. Never.

Why you don't call to drawing hands

Rule Five.

When you have a hand to raise with - RAISE.

And make it three times the big blind. Never ever deviate from this. Make all your raises consistent.

How to consistently raise your hands

Rule Six

Never move "All In" to try and snatch a pot when you have nothing.

Never. You'll get called. And lose your stack. You might get away with it once or twice but in the long run you'll come up short.

Read why you don't move "all in" to snatch pots.

Rule Seven.

If you get reraised - FOLD.

Unless you have QQ, KK or AA you have to fold.

See why you should fold to a re raise.

Rule Eight

Always end the heads up by going all in with either a pair (preferable) or at least an Ace.

Nothing else will do. Get blinded out if you don't have these hands. The exception is if you enter heads up on a life machine and need a lot of luck.

How to play heads up.

Rule Nine

Never Multi Table the SNG until you are a consistently winning player.

Poker is a game of incomplete information and you need every scrap of it.

Multi tabling is a six handed sin

Rule Ten

Only deviate from all of the above when you are consistently winning.

Once you start adhering to the above rules you will start to see that your poker game becomes amazingly crystal clear.

There is so much play available in an SNG if you just play straightforward poker. leave the funny stuff to all of the other "experts" who raise and move all in like maniacs.

They are the ones who will move all in and find you looking them up with a decent hand.

Now you have the basics let's look at how to play four handed.