Sit and go strategy

Calling off chips to try and make your draw.

You can't do this. You can check to a drawing hand, but you absolutely can not call to it.

The reason is this:

If you call to one drawing hand you'll call to another.

Now, I know all of the text books talk about odds and getting the right price for the draw but we are not playing a cash game here. Nor is this a limit game. This is not about expectation over 10,000 hands.

Seat Three contemplates drawing to his flush.

The reason we play 6 Max SNG's is because in general we are playing against weaker players. We are playing against players seeking action and who are happy to call to a drawing hand. It's just that we want them to be doing the drawing and us to have the made hand.

In a ten handed limit game of course this is where you make most of your money. You have five people in the pot all betting and raising and you are drawing to the nut flush - fantastic. You'd like to play every hand like that because you'd make a fortune over your 10,000 hands.

But in this game drawing hands are virtually worthless. Even drawing two cards to a nut flush is not much use here.

Why? Because if you don't make the flush then you are probably going to be looking for the next SNG to join and if you drew to every flush or straight you'd be madly doubling up or busting out every tournament.

And that is exactly what a lot of players do and why they have a below average in the money return.

Forget about suited cards. They will not help you much here in this game.

As for drawing to a straight... why are you drawing to a straight? You use connectors or suited connectors to raise when we are down to four handed or on the bubble to steal the blinds. If some one calls your raise of 89 and the flop comes 10,J,2 then you are going to put yourself deep in the brown stuff by trying to make this draw.

The fact that someone called your raise should mean that they probably have you beat at this late stage and if that's the case then you are facing at least a half pot sized bet for the turn card.

Don't try and make a draw as you will just spew off chips that you should be saving for your next raise.

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