Sit and go strategy


I've been a break even or slightly worse player for the last few years and so I thought I'd give your system a try and see if it could teach me anything.

Well it definitely has and I'm really seeing the value in the super tight play and preserving the chip stack rather than taking risks to increase it.

However, this brings me to my one question. In one of your examples (the raising your hand article) you claim that you don't want pre-flop callers to your raise.

Whilst I agree that its generally preferable to take down the blinds than take a bad beat, in the early stages of the game the blinds are so miniscule, and under this system the player is playing so few hands, I don't understand how the player can be expected to maintain their stack when they are getting such minimal returns on such strong hands.

I am finding I am always badly short-stacked compared to the field by the time I reach the four handed/bubble phase. Players clock me for a "rock" who is only going to play premium hands and I am slowly whittled away unless I am hitting a raising hand once in every 8 played (two orbits). I guess I need to loosen up my criteria for raising hands at the four player phase but as soon as I do that I loose my tight table image and I'm back where I started, getting called and sucked out on over and over again.

Just wondered if you had any advice for this or if you think there's a gap in the articles there or something? A couple of the articles are a little contradictory (Tighter is Righter, for instance, seems to go against the whole tone of the rest of the site by advocated that "Simply put, waiting for great hands to play with and showing them down is not going to make you a winning six seat player." Isn't that exactly what the rest of your site suggests?)

Anyway, its a great system and I've definitely improved as a result of it.




Hello Adam and thankyou for your email,

Glad to see that our site information has helped improve your game !  You might want to check out as well if you enjoy your tournament play.

The 'aim' of our system is to show players that are/were at the level you were at, that is breaking even or loosing $$$, that tight play is the 1st step to improving your results.  A natural progression of this change of play would have other players 'clocking you', as you put it, as a super tight player who only plays premium hands.  This is a good thing !!  Once you have reach this level I think you would agree that it has improved your results BUT you find you may have a problem as being the short stack(not always) as the game progresses to the late stages. 

This is exactly what we like to hear from players such as yourself.  This means our system has taken you from the level you were at and raised it up a notch.  Now, its time to go to the next level.  Poker, for me is a game I will ALWAYS be learning and trying to improve on.  Once you get to one level ... there is another to go !

I think you'll find poker is a contradictory game.  The fact that you mention that you are getting sucked out on, over and over is great !  That means the other player has always needed the luck to win.  That means you are making good decisions !  That means the next level is at hand !

To respond to your question it does sound like you are ready to take your game to the next level.  So, players have clocked you for only playing premium hands.  Now is the time to be a little more aggressive and mix up your play a bit.  Now and then, in position, play hands like KQ or AJ.  Raise it as you would normally raise it and see what happens.  In the early/middle stage of the tournament try limping with Ax suited and see if the flop brings promise.  Try playing connectors from position BUT select your spots carefully.  Poker is a game of opportunities so pick your positions and hands that give you the best chance at those opportunities.  Online I think you'll find you can also 'read' players from their betting patterns, time to act, past hands they've played etc...  This also factors into when to pick your spots.

Adam, I hope this helps answer your question and as I said check out freezeoutplayer as there is A LOT of great tournament information.  Fell free to contact us anytime.