Sit and go strategy

Late stage full table help.

Hi, I feel obliged to send you at least a thank you for the knowledge I've gleaned from your site. Particularly so because it isn't fully loaded up with affiliate links everywhere.

Anyway, I have noticed an immediate improvement in my game ($6 & $11 SNGs), I have a small profit but certainly not losing money which is the main thing for now. I have probably played 100 games or so trying to stick to 'the rules' and apart from the odd bad beat am virtually always getting to the bubble; getting in the money; winning quite a few too.

I was very surprised at how ridiculously easy it is to get to the last 3 or 4, even with horrible cards; not playing a single hand other than limping in on the big blind!

One thing I was hoping you could help on is what range of cards to play once the blinds are, say, 100/200+ but there are still five players still in the game, which seems to happen more than I'd expect your site perhaps implies.

It seems at this stage even having a very tight table image helps little as a good few people will call/raise up with crap anyway - meaning I'm folding the likes of KJ rather than go all in etc. Any tips welcome!


Hi Ben,

Well, first of all, may I congratulate you on becoming a winning player. You are in a tiny minority!

Once the blinds get to 100/200+ you are really in the lap of the gods and despite all the great play that goes before it unless someone has a mega stack everyone is going to be desperate to get it all in.

I think the best advice I can give here is not to raise all in with early position unless you have great cards or do it if you are starting to get low (four blinds) with rubbish and hope for the best. Try not to call with middling hands for all of your stack.

Personally, I like to make my move with four blinds as long as I have better than 72 so that at least I give myself a chance at winning. Making others make a decision is far preferable to having to decide.

Remember that however bad your hand when you ultimately get the chips in, the odds are very often much closer together than you might think. That's why it's better for you to be the aggressor rather than the caller - it's always much harder to call 5,6 with 7,8.

Good luck at the tables!