Sit and go strategy


hi, i was reading the articles on and then I played a few 6-handed non-turbo sngs on fulltilt poker.

my main problem is the bubble, i played 4 sngs by now and I finished only 2nd in one of them,in the rest I finished 3rd everytime.

can you give me some more advice about it?

i realised right from the beginning how good the strategy works, because I finish 3rd almost everytime by now even if i got sucked out with a huge pocket pair in the beginning of the sng I still make it to the bubble phase.


In this case I don't think your problem is the bubble play. I think it's in how many chips you are bringing to the bubble.

For example:

In most low limit (1-20 $) games it's pretty easy to play tight and make it to the bubble - occasionally you'll get busted when your great hand run's into someone who made a set or straight- but that's actually not so common as it would be in a cash game.

The "tight is right" strategy holds - but as you become a better player you learn to open up in spots with a wider range of starting hands - and also you can call "value bets" on the river which you would have previously folded - simply because you are focusing on the board more.

Playing tight and waiting for great hands early on is a great strategy - but if you are not getting those hands and even playing one of those games when you don't even see a paint card - you need to modify your strategy.

The whole game revolves around strategic risk. Your job is to minimise the risk that your chips are exposed to whilst trying to maximise the return for that chip investment. it's a fine dividing line between success and failure.

If I'm short stacked on the bubble I like to move all in.

Simply because playing A5 from the button and then subsequently being called from the BB means you have so little room for play. I like to play for all my chips in this situation - it's a much more aggressive play and actually takes people off guard who have been used to seeing you folding all of the time.

When you get to the bubble you need to have parity with the other two players to be able to play a conservative game - if you are behind you need to start taking risks.

The whole idea is to destack another player with a monster hand or win the pots that count because you have the best hand - and get to the bubble with parity.

If you are always getting to the bubble with the shorter stack then you are not maximising the opportunities that come your way by playing like a rock.

In poker there are no definitive answers. But it's a game where you need to exert your edge over your opponents and that's done over time.

Try stealing from the button with 68 occasionally - once you can do this (and fold if you miss the flop and get played back at) you will realise that you are the better player you wanted to be.

Stealing and bluffing your way through a game will not work - but backed up with a solid foundation you will see that opportunities to do just that present themselves without you having to invest major risk.

Like I say - It's a fine line and it takes a lot of practice but once you get there it's very satisfying.