Sit and go strategy

Avoid the "Turbo" version of the game

One of the good things about playing this shorthanded SNG is that you are up against a lot of players that got bored with their cash game and so the game is easy to beat if you do it right.

Cash game players tend to treat the SNG as a cash game which is why they frequently bust out before the blinds even come into play.

Once you start betting and raising with nothing and calling all ins with nothing but a draw you are on the slippery slope downhill. Poker is a game of skill with some luck and if you keep relying on too much luck to help you, you will bust out often and early.

The six player SNG lasts for approximately 45 minutes depending on how quickly people bust out but that's the average time to play a game. So it's considerably shorter than the ten handed version. Another benefit is that you get a larger percentage of the pot for winning than the ten handed game which pays the top three places. Here we are only paying the top two which is why it's so important to eliminate as much risk from your game as possible.

There are several different types of the six player SNG so let's look at the benefits or drawbacks of each different type.

First there is the standard SNG. Blinds increase at a comfortable 7 minute intervals and give you plenty of time to pick and choose the hands you want to play.

This is the type of SNG you should learn to play. The alternative is the "double stack" SNG which gives you starting chips of 3000 and so you have more time to wait for a hand.

The double stack tourney is where you should aim to play most of your poker but as it's a longer game the standard game is a good one for learning the ropes.

All other types need to be avoided like the mother in law. Specifically you need to stay well clear of the "Turbo" and "super turbo" games. With these games no matter how good your poker game is you have very little time to wait for a decent hand and so the luck factor is much higher in these games. Hence your bankroll fluctuates more.

The turbo and super turbo games also tend to be frequented by the "all in" player simply as it suits their style and it's something that we strive to avoid.

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